Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Calypso Bio

I am a nymph that inhabits the island Ogygia. My name in greek means to conceal and I'm symbolized as what keeps men from their goals. Personality wise, I'm selfish yet willing to help others. My father is Atlas and my mother is Tethys. I was banished to the island because I stood behind my father in the battle between Titans and Olympians.

I am most well known for my encounter with Odysseus. When I was on the island Odysseus shipwrecked among it. Since I had been lonely for so long, I wanted to make him become my husband. Since he was married to Penelope, I tried to seduce him and give him everything he wanted to so he would stay. He reluctantly stayed for 7 years and in those years I had three children, Nausithous, Nausinous, and supposively Latinus. However, Athena made Zeus make me send him back and reluctantly, I did. I helped him make a boat and he left the island.


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  2. Hey Daughter!

    You're really evil! Seducing a Odysseus! Did i raise you like that?! At least you are loyal to me :) thanks for siding with the titans, but it looks like your going to have to find another husbind.

    PS: isn't it "men" from their goals not "mean"