Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Diana Biography

I am the greek symbol of light, inaccessibility, virginity, and I have a preference for dwelling on high mountains and in sacred woods. I deeply care for the hunt, and all nature, and offer support to those who pray to me. Though I completely believe in chastity, I am seen as active in ensuring the succession of kings and in the preservation of mankind through the protection of childbirth.
I am independent, and yet compassionate. I am readily available to others, but also vulnerable, and not known to have had particularly satisfying relationships with men... except for my brother, Apollo. I dont even like him that much, either. I once loved the handsome and revered giant, Orion, and Appllo didn't like him. One day Apollo tricked me by betting that I couldn't hit a distant object with my arrows. He knew I loved a good challenge and that I had to prove him wrong. so, I aimed, only to discover that my confidence and intuitive aim beheaded my lover. Forever after, I grieve that I had so unintentionally incapacitated him. In his memory, I made him a star in the sky since he no longer could be the star that brightened my time on earth.


  1. Now Romeo's comparison of Rosaline to "Dian" makes more sense!

  2. The voice you used was accurate and had an interesting style. However, the jumps in between parts of Diana's life seem too big.