Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pandora's Bio

Hello! My name is Pandora, the first mortal woman. I am also known as Anesidora. I was created by each God who all gave me unique gifts. Zeus sent me down to Earth with a closed jar and gave me as a gift to Epimetheus. We were told not to open the jar but my curiosity was very strong and it was slowly getting the best of me everyday. Epimetheus warned me that the jar was to be kept in trust and should not be opened but I felt that it was a gift that Zeus had bestowed upon us. Finally one day when Epimetheus left my side for a few hours, I opened the jar and horrible things escaped from within! Disease, fear, anger, and all of the horrors of the world flew out from the jar. I looked in it after everything escaped and saw that the only thing left was hope.