Saturday, February 5, 2011

Midas Biography

I am Midas. King Midas to you. I rule Pessinus, a city of Phrygia. I am known for my garden of roses and my riches. Throughout my life gold has been my number one priority and nothing else mattered more to me. One day, some of my people found Silenus, a satry in my gardens. I recognized him and cared for him knowing he belonged to a friend of mine. In return, he gave me a reward, a wish. My wish was for everything I touch to turn to gold. I was astonished by my new power. It became known as the Midas Touch. Everything I touched turned to gold. It worked! My wish came true! At first, I was completely fascinated by this power, but after a while it became old. I could no longer eat or drink, for when I touched it, it turned to solid gold. My power was slowly loosing its appeal. To make matters worse I managed to turn my own daughter into gold. What had I got myself into? I prayed to Dionysus, the person who granted my wish, to reverse it. After seeing my struggles, Dionysus told me to wash my powers away in the river of Pactolus. I did as I was told and my powers were diminished. This is the greatest lesson I have ever learned and I hope you learn from my mistakes and don't take things for granted like I did.

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  1. This bio is very well written, composed of sentences that are straight to the point and do not ramble on. The rhetorical questions posed are in places where the readers themselves are wondering the same thing. So good job! Maybe next time you would want to want to engage the reader with a stronger hook to draw them in, but other than that I feel that you have included all the pertinent details you need for me to grasp the whole essence of Midas. It is very good!