Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cupid Bio

Hello fellow gods and goddess's!

My name is Cupid, son of Venus and Mars.

Guess what my favorite holiday is? Valentine's Day of course! I'm frequently seen shooting my bow and inspiring romantic love. Many people even consider me the icon of Valentine's Day. You can never find me without my wings, my bow, and a quiver of arrows.

My story is quite simple really. My mother, Venus, became madly jealous of the princess Pysche. You see, Pysche was so beloved by her subjects that many forgot to worship my poor mother. Distraught by the situation my mother ordered me to make Pysche fall in love with the vilest thing in the world. It was a nasty thing to do, but I had no choice. So I sharpened my finest arrow and flew away to complete my mission.

I silently crept into her room, but while preparing my arrow I accidently scratched myself instead. It was too late to fix- I was madly in love with her. Night after night I visited Pysche and secretly watched her sleep. Eventually she fell in love with me as well and the god Jupiter gave her the gift of immortality so we could always be together. Don't you just love happy endings? <3

1 comment:

  1. Hello, son. Your bio is a fabulous representation of your life story. I especially like how it focuses on the most important aspect of your life - Psyche (although I'm not happy about your love for her, accident or not). Your tone is relaxed and relatable; well done!