Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rhea Bio

Titan, greater than the Gods of Greek mythology. I descend from Gaia and Uranus; I was one of the first twelve. My name is Rhea, the mother of all Gods. My husband and brother Cronus, took our father's ablility to produce another heir, and we took the throne of our parents, begining the time of the Golden Years. Together, Cronus and I had six children: Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, and Hera, who my husband swallowed in order not to be over thrown by his own children like he had done to our father. It was when our sixth child, Zues was to be born that I sought out my parents, and asked them to help me hide Zues so that Cronus wouldn't swallow him as well. So it was planned that I would give birth to Zues in Crete, but to fool my husband, I handed him a stone wrapped in clothes, which he swallowed immediately. I hid Zues on Earth in Crete on Mount Ida, and it was there he stayed until he was grown. Zues came back to myself and Cronus, and forced him to expel his brothers and sisters from his stomach. But in doing so, the youngest of my children became the oldest as their order was reversed when my husband regurgitated them from his stomach. It was after all of the babies that Cronus swallowed had be emptied from him, Zues released Cronus’ brothers, the Gigantes, the Hecatonkheires and the Cyclops, which gave him thunder and lightning Gaia had hidden. Zues rallied his siblings and they attacked along with the Gigantes, Hecatonkheires, and the Cyclops, and overthrew myself, my husband, and the rest of the original twelve Titans, ending our reign over the Golden Years.

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  1. I think it was a smart move for Rhea to go to her parents when she was about to have Zeus. What would be the point in having all of these children and never seeing them again? One thing I wonder about all of this, is why would Zeus overthrow his own mother that kept him from being eaten and allowed him to live?