Sunday, February 6, 2011

Phaethon Bio

Hello fellow people! Yes it is I, Phaethon the son of Helios and Clymene. I understand it is indeed impressive hearing from a demigod, the son of the sun-god, but you must know I didn’t always know who my father was or what he was capable of until later on in my life. When I did, however, I wasted no time in finding him. His control and importance excited me immensely and I could not help myself from abusing this power. For when I asked him for a favor, which he granted immediately, I asked for a wish that was too great for even me to handle-to ride the sun chariot across the sky. Once I grabbed hold of the reins, the powerful horses drug us across the sky, only to come too close to Earth, scorching it. This was when the great Zeus stepped in, finding the situation to be dangerous. So what did he do you ask? He threw a thunderbolt directly at me, killing me instantly. Falling into the Eridanus River, it was my wonderful sisters, the Heliades, who mourned for my death, and whose tears turned into amber as they transformed into poplar trees. Maybe in the future, I will learn to think before my insatiable curiosity gets the better of me. Don’t forget to look for me among the stars, as the constellation Auriga next time you peer up into the nighttime sky.

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  1. I thought your bio was good but I think you should make it flow a little better. I think if you added more details between each event (instead of just one sentence)it would help make it flow a little better. However, I thought it was a good and creative bio.