Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hercules Bio

My name is Hercules, son of Jupiter. I am famous for my great strength. My favorite weapon is the gnarled club. In Greek mythology, I am known as Heracles and am the son of Zeus and Alcmene. However, Zeus was married to Hera and had cheated on her. When Hera found out that Zeus had cheated on her with this mortal woman, she was furious. One night, while I was sleeping, Hera made me go into a frenzy in which I killed my wife and kids. To make up for what I had done, I sought out the Oracle at Delphi, who then told me to serve Eurystheus, King of the Myceneans. He sent me on a series of tasks that would later be known as the Labors Of Hercules. I fought many different and horrible monsters. Due to my extreme strength, I accomplished all these tasks and became a hero. I truly am one of the coolest people in all of Greek mythology.

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  1. Awesome biography! Your god does seem as cool as you say. I don't understand why Hera would force you to kill your family after she found out that Zeus had cheated on her! How awful!