Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am the former lover of Pyramus. We had grown up living next to each other in adjoining houses. Our neighbors brought us together and we soon fell in love. The only problem was that our parents forbid us to see each other. The flame of our relationship was too strong to burn out so we found other ways to see each other. The walls of our rooms were next to each other and had an undiscovered crack so we talked and passed notes through it. One night when meeting up, we decided to sneak out of our village the next day. We agreed to meet up in a cave. I got to the cave before Pyramus so I through off my veil. A hungry lioness quickly grabbed my veil with her bloody mouth, ripping it to shreds. I hid because the lioness looked hungry. While I was hiding Pyramus came to our meeting spot and spotted my bloody, torn veil. He wept and killed himself with his sword. I, at the time, had just come out and went to find Pyramus to tell him what had happened. I stumbled upon his lifeless body. I knew that I could not spend my life without him so I had no choice but to kill myself. My wish was that Pyramus and I would be buried together. My parent granted me that wish and Pyramus and I are enjoying spending time together in the afterlife.


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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your tragic love story, Thisbe. You have told a very interesting tale. However, you might want to consider varying your sentence structure next time. Your picture was very intriguing as well. One question I have is are you are Greek or Roman?

    I enjoyed reading your biography and story. Keep up the good work!